About me

Production co-ordinator at Yleisradio, Finnish Broadcasting Company, since 1978. Working mainly with cultural and music programmes, concerts, competitions and events – you name it!

Sochi 2014 Azimut Hotel, taustalla Fisht Stadion

Sochi 2014 Fisht Stadium from balcony of Azimut Hotel

Special job assignments:

Opening and Closing Ceremonies, OBS Assistant Director in Sochi 2014, London 2012, Beijing 2008 and Athens 2004.

Athletics OBS Assistant Producer in Beijing 2008, Athens 2004 and Sydney 2000.
Cross-Country OBS Assistant Producer in Vancouver 2010 and Turin 2006.

Eurovision Song Contest, Assistant Producer in Helsinki 2007 and Production Co-ordinator in Tallinn 2002.

World Championships in Athletics HB Project Secretary in Helsinki 2005 and Assistant Director in Helsinki 1983.






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